Member's Statement -
Malema Promoting Racial Tension in SA

National Assembly Cape Town: Tuesday, 25 October 2011  


Honourable Speaker:


Social cohesion in South Africa is of paramount importance and one of the very foundation stones upon which any successful nation is built.


Since 1994 and with the advent of our new constitutional dispensation we have all been working very hard at building a unified South Africa, a South Africa that sees all citizens as equal regardless of race, gender, religious or political affiliation.


However Mr Speaker, there are still amongst us certain divisive individuals who seek to spread and engender racial conflict within our country. A case in point is the recent derogatory remarks made against our Indian compatriots by the ANCYL president. These individuals use this kind of rhetoric as a means of cheap politicking in support of their own skewed political and most often personal agendas.


Mr Speaker, racial intolerance cannot and must not be allowed on any platform in South Africa, and the IFP urges all political parties to ensure that this kind of speech finds no safe haven within their ranks.


I thank you.


Mr Narend Singh MP
083 788 5954