In Celebration Of Freedom Day
Message Of Support Delivered On Behalf Of Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi MP President Of The Inkatha Freedom Party
By Councillor Oscar Maseku


Union Buildings, Pretoria: 27 April 2011


On behalf of the Inkatha Freedom Party, and its President Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, it is my privilege to express the IFP's support for today's celebration. Across South Africa, in every province, we remember the moment on the 27th of April 1994 when, for the first time, we went as a nation to the polls in our first democratic national elections. It was a victory for all of us. We will mark that moment in our history for generations to come.


The IFP supports the theme of this year's celebration: Working Together to Unite Our Nation, Promote Democracy and Protect Our Freedom. The IFP has been working towards this goal for 35 years, and we still work every day to achieve the realisation of this great vision for South Africa.


We believe that protecting our democracy means strengthening opposition politics, and strengthening our independent institutions like the Public Protector and the IEC. We believe that uniting our nation depends upon our ability to forge a common future in which every South African can claim a stake, regardless of race or background or economic circumstance. We believe that protecting our freedom means speaking the truth to power and ensuring that the liberties we struggled for are never taken for granted, while the power we secured is never abused.


This is a challenge for all our nation's leaders, and it is a challenge that the IFP has taken to heart. We are proud to celebrate Freedom Day together with every South African, for we remain on the side of the people. The IFP salutes the ordinary men and women who brought us liberty through their extraordinary acts of bravery and sacrifice. May we continue to build on the foundation of their efforts as we work together for a united future.


I thank you.