Formal Launch Of The KZN Shadow Cabinet
Remarks By Dr Bonginkosi Buthelezi MPL,
Leader Of The Official Opposition And Shadow KZN Premier

Durban: Monday, 28 February 2011

In a parliamentary system based on the Westminster model, the second largest party takes on the role of an Official Opposition. In the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature, this at present is the place of the Inkatha Freedom Party, which I have the privilege of representing and leading as Leader of the Official Opposition.


The Official Opposition carries in itself a monumental status.  It is a constitutional role entrenched both by tradition and practical need. Being the Official Opposition gives the IFP moral as well as managerial responsibility. It fuels healthy competition in that it constantly reminds the ANC government and the electorate of alternatives. It also creates a sense of expectation for the future.


The IFP has embraced this role with dedication and vigour and today, more than ever, we are ready to claim our rightful place as a government-in-waiting. After two years of acting as a collective Official Opposition under my stewardship, we are geared up for something new. In order to deepen our own oversight capacity, the Official Opposition will delegate responsibility for particular government portfolios to individuals in its own ranks within the framework of a Shadow Cabinet.


Each Member of the Executive Council will be shadowed by a Member of the Official Opposition to ensure that his or her performance is continuously assessed and open to public scrutiny.  By embarking on this practice, we expect to achieve not only a better opposition, but a better government for the sake of the people of this province.


Following my announcement in the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature during my response to the State of the Province address last Thursday, I today wish to introduce to you the members of my team who will be doing just that:


The members of my Shadow Cabinet are:   

     Hon. Dr Lionel Mtshali as Shadow MEC for Economic Development and Tourism;

     Hon. Mr Mntomuhle Khawula as Shadow MEC for Arts and Culture, and Sports and Recreation;

     Hon. Inkosi Bonga Mdletshe as Shadow MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs;

     Hon. Mr Henry Combrinck as Shadow MEC for Agriculture, Environmental Affairs and Rural Development;

     Hon. Mrs Lindani  Mncwango as Shadow MEC for Education;

     Hon. Inkosi Ngamizizwe Madlala as Shadow MEC for Human Settlements and Public Works;

     Hon. Mr John Bhengu as Shadow MEC for Social Development;

     Hon. Dr Usha Roopnarain as Shadow MEC for Health;

     Hon. Mr Roman Liptak as Shadow MEC for Finance; and

     Hon. Mr Thulasizwe Buthelezi as Shadow MEC for Community Safety and Liaison, and Transport.


I am confident I have chosen a team that is representative of KwaZulu-Natal’s diversity and that is hard-working, competent and dynamic. I am proud that I have been able to deploy team mates, some of whom have got a proven track record in government and the civil service and some of whom push the average age of this Shadow Cabinet way below what one finds in the actual provincial government of the day.   


I expect the individual members of my team not only to hold their counterparts on the government benches to account through vigorous debate, but even more importantly to develop alternative policies for the departments they are shadowing. I expect them to co-opt all the relevant stakeholders in their area of expertise and work closely with yourselves in the media to perform effective oversight over the Executive. By the same token, I invite the media to appraise the performance of this Shadow Cabinet in the same way they appraise the work of their counterparts in government.


In conclusion, I would like to congratulate every single member of my Shadow Cabinet on their appointment, pledge them my support and wish them good look in their endeavours.


I thank you.


The Shadow MECs will act as party spokespersons on their respective portfolios and as such can be reached at:

Dr BT Buthelezi, 082 516 0156

Dr L Mtshali, 082 556 0224

Mr M Khawula, 078 303 4542

Inkosi B Mdletshe, 082 809 4550

Mr H Combrinck, 082 576 7255

Mrs L Mncwango, 084 500 0277

Inkosi N Madlala 076 447 5829

Mr J Bhengu, 083 303 8723

Dr U Roopnarain, 082 923 1038

Mr R Liptak, 078 302 0929

Mr TD Buthelezi, 083 482 7936