Declaration Of Vote On The 2010 KZN Adjustments Appropriation Bill
By Dr BT Buthelezi MPL Leader Of The Official Opposition


Kwazulu-Natal Legislature Pietermaritzburg: 30 November 2010  

Honourable Speaker


Our reasons for calling divisions on a number of votes and programmes of the current Adjustments Appropriation Bill in terms of rule 82.2 have been outlined in the relevant debate by my colleagues. I will therefore merely summarise the most salient points.


Vote 1 (Premier): Programme 3 (Policy and Governance)


We oppose the allocation of R20-million towards the deployment of youth ambassadors across KwaZulu-Natal. The purpose of this project is justified. Its timing, however, being so close to the local government elections next year is suspect as is the record of this government on youth development issues. This House will need to be briefed on how much of the R20-million will go towards the administration of this scheme, how much will be paid out in stipends and to whom, who will administer the scheme and who will process the research findings it seeks to compile.


Vote 2 (Provincial Legislature): Programme 1 (Administration)


We oppose the two financial commitments included in this programme, namely the final payment of R3.162-million for the feasibility study for the new Legislature complex, which we have consistently opposed from the outset as an extravagant and unnecessary project; and the payment of R1.5-million for last year’s Inauguration of the Premier since we believe its overall cost of R10-million was excessive and should not have been shared by the Legislature as the legislative arm of government.


Vote 3 (Agriculture, Environmental Affairs and Rural Development): Programme 2 (Agricultural Development Services)


We oppose the requested roll-over of R11.565-million for the Comprehensive Agricultural Support Programme (CASP) since this conditional grant has a long history of under-spending and the motivation for the roll-over is therefore not credible.


Vote 10 (Royal Household): Programme 1 (Support Services – His Majesty, the King)


We oppose the allocation of R217 000 as a compensation for the write-off of irrecoverable staff debt in the Department of Royal Household because we believe that such debt should never have been accumulated and as such should have constituted a first-charge against the department’s 2011/2012 budget.


Vote 12 (Transport): Programme 3 (Public and Freight Transportation)


We oppose the roll-over of an unspent public transport subsidy to the value of R714 587 which has a history of under-spending and as such had to be transferred to another province during the previous financial year.


I thank you.


Contact: Dr Bonginkosi Buthelezi, 082 516 0156