Labour - Budget Vote 18
by Prince MMM Zulu


National Assembly: Cape Town, 31st May 2011 

Honourable Chairperson

Over the years it has become a norm for South Africans to strike due to dissatisfaction with their wages. One must then question the significant role which is supposed to be played by the Department of Labour in order to safeguard the interests of its citizens, because it does not seem to be fulfilling it’s assigned duty. Current policies and programmes in place need to be looked at and re-worked as they are not yielding the results that are required.

As the Inkatha Freedom Party we emphasize that the minimum threshold margins for Trade Unions in NEDLAC should be re-visited and reduced to allow the entry of smaller unions, and to do away with the current monopoly of only three large unions.

Moreover, although there is a large proportion of agricultural and domestic workers in South Africa they are still being sidelined and not catered for in our South Africa labour system.

Honourable Chairperson, job creation in our country is critical especially for the youth because they are the future. Thus the Inkatha Freedom Party calls for a co-ordination amongst sister departments in training for both the employed and unemployed youth so that they can branch into creating jobs instead of seeking them.

Furthermore, our youth has still not adopted the culture of entrepreneurship as a point of entry in the job market. Thus, existing entrepreneurs must be supported when diversifying into different economic sectors. Government support of entrepreneurship is vital to our economic recovery as well as to sustainable economic growth and the IFP urges this department to use every available resource to promote its growth.

The department should also look at boosting the inspectorate by providing them with more resources to perform their jobs, hence to bring forward those employers who break the law before our courts.

On the other hand, although foreign investment plays a role in stabilizing our countries economy it should be minimal. The inflow of foreign labour is a concern, with the recent unrest at Medupi power station being a case in point. As the Inkatha Freedom Party, we wish to see a government that puts South Africans first rather than importing labour.

I thank you
Hon Prince Zulu