Sport and Recreation South Africa - Budget Vote 20
by Prince MMM Zulu


National Assembly: Cape Town, 31st May 2011 

Honourable Speaker

Sport and Recreation in South Africa is one way of building our nation because people connect despite their differences. On the other hand, levels of participation are still lacking with reference to factors such as lack of resources, especially for the poor, and challenges we as a country face in terms of youth welfare. This is also facilitated by the poor provision and mismanagement of sustainable sport and recreation facilities.

As the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), we believe that existing problems in this sector can be solved by adopting vigorous sport policies, encouraging sports in disadvantaged schools and in rural areas, building proper sporting institutions and facilities, planning sporting events appropriately, involving the community and most importantly promoting sport as a career choice. Therefore, the IFP is sending a plea for the above to be addressed.

Moreover, the Inkatha Freedom Party believes that certain sports should not be undermined where others are ignored and for others billions of Rands are spent - such as in golf where the previously disadvantaged communities share little or no benefit at all. This sport is also associated with the elite apart from the racial connotations attached to it, sidelining the majority of poor communities. Although transformation has been witnessed in rugby and cricket there is still more which needs be addressed as well as in other sports.

On the other hand, improving sport and recreation will increase our country’s GDP since it is a major contributor as well as in job creation. It is for this reason that as the IFP we emphasize that proper administration is vital especially by equipping the youth with sport skills so as to explore broader careers in this sector.

Moreover, participation in sport from a young age has benefits for the youth since they do not succumb to alcohol and drug abuse, or obesity which is an increasing problem in our country.  Both physically and mentally kids are fresh and they become disciplined, responsible and it builds their self-esteem and self-image, as well as the development of skills for handling success and failure.

The IFP therefore support all efforts to reintroduce school sports, because the above mentioned benefits justify this decision, a decision that will not only benefit the children but society at large.

The IFP supports this vote,

I thank you

Prince MMM Zulu