Remarks by MB Skosana MP



Parliament: 31 August 2011


Hon. Speaker


The big question of the day is, will the revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa eventually translate into peace, security and democracy for the people of this region?, Bearing in mind what Maximilien Robespierre said that “a revolution is just a crime destroying another crime”.  The manner in which events in Libya eventually tuned out, should have taught South Africa and the African Union that Africa tried in vain to play in the “rough league”, where “might is right” and where National Interests are paramount, eternal and perpetual (The Foreign Secretary- the years of Palmerstone), in particular when the Powerful Nations of the World sense that they will be adversely affected. Hence the option of the AU, calling for an Inter Libyan political dialogue became a lost cause the minute the US, France and Britain called for regime change in Libya.

Effective Representative Democracy and strong Cooperation among Parliaments and Parliamentarians of the World cannot happen freely in the atmosphere of Regional and International Conflicts. The causation of International conflicts is invariably connected with the National and Regional Geopolitical dynamics, where Parliamentarians operate, and where most of the World Conflicts have their roots anchored. The IPU must therefore encourage Regional and National Parliaments to forsake the umbrage of innocence, change the paradigm that holds the view that Conflict Resolution is the monopoly of the Head of State and the Executive, with the exclusion of the role Parliament and Parliamentarians must play. In the end it is the Constituencies of the Parliamentarians that are turned into theatres of conflict, where men women and children die and many more are displaced.


Parliament level is where real good governance, true multiparty system, democratic elections, lasting peace and sustainable social and economic justice must be promoted. It is therefore rational within the context of the IPU mandate to call upon the Pan African Parliament to establish a Standing Parliamentary Peace Organ to engage the Parliaments of Israel, the Palestinian Legislative Council, the Parliament of Zimbabwe, the Parliament of Swaziland among other Parliaments on the African Continent where the conflicts and political instability have become the order of the day, to assist in bringing about peace, security, political stability, democracy and development.